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New-Year 2 Maths Assessment Test -SAT Practice.

Year 2 Maths Test PDF workbook

This test is designed to provide the assessment of Maths in Year 2. It includes national curriculum requirement of age 6 to 7 in year 2.The topics in this test includes number counting assessment up to 1000.Place Value of 4-digit numbers, addition of numbers up to 1000,Ordering of 4 digit numbers.

It also covers 2 D shapes names worksheets, time calculations, equivalent fractions. This also covers the conversion of length units, multiplications and comparing of numbers using <, > signs.

Year 2 Curriculum Practice Worksheets.

We have provided Free different worksheets to practice the curriculum requirement of year 2.

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The full detailed steps of math curriculum in each topics by national curriculum frameworks can be read HERE

After taking the test, it’s very important to add fun time with learning. So here is a good constructive toy both for boys and girls to improve their focus and concentration.

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Year 2 Times table Challenge.

If you want to practice times tables for children in year 2. why not visit and challenge times tables of 2 ,5, and 10 or why not master any number.