Free School Worksheets of Maths and English.

At Star Worksheets, we develop Free school worksheets of Maths and English for kids in primary school. We follow the National Curriculum of England to create these resources. We create fantastic Free printable of Maths and English in PDF format, which is easy to download and print.

Free Primary School Worksheets.

So get ready to give your child a positive and early head start to the world of Maths and English. These worksheets include practice material and assessment tests of Maths and English for all Year groups of primary schools from Reception to Year 6. Before using these resources, it is a very common concern of parents/guardians to know the legal age requirement of children in the UK. Ofsted is a concerning body to set this age criterion for primary and secondary school. So here it is.

What is the Age requirement of children in primary school in UK?

The UK education system is split into three stages in primary school. The compulsory age of starting the school is 5.But all children are eligible to start their school from the age of 3 in their nursery class.

  • Nursery and Reception 3 to 4 years old.
  • Key Stage 1: 5 to 7 years old
  • Key Stage 2: 7 to 11 years old

How to teach your child at home?

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Anyone can teach their child at home either full time or part time. This method is refer to as Home Schooling. The curriculum for home schooling must be age-appropriate, enable the child to make progress according to his or her particular level of ability. Our free school resources are also useful to provide age appropriate learning material.

The govt of England provides the guideline for homeschooling. Any parent who wants to start homeschooling for their kids must follow the rules and regulations of their own local council. You can check the requirement of Home Schooling in England in detail.

Our Free Maths and English Resources.

Star Worksheets is working hard to create free primary school resources. Our focus is to develop maths worksheets, maths quizzes, and maths assessment tests for children age between 3 to 11. We develop free printables of English for children in EYFS and Key stage 1 i.e. from nursery to year 2. .uk

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