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Let us grip your child with some extra skills

Concerned about your child’s education and learning? Want to be his own guide? This is the hub page for our Year 1 Maths Worksheets to help your child enhance his/her basic maths skills.


You can find a wide variety of free Year 1 Maths Activities and worksheets for your child to enjoy in our Year 1 curriculum area.


Check out our maths worksheet for class 1, white rose maths year 1 worksheets as per the year 1 national curriculum maths. You might like our year 1 maths worksheets printable UK and year 1 maths activities.


You can find a variety of activities and resources on other Math webpages but what we have here for you and your child is as per the year 1 maths objectives that are given by year 1 maths national curriculum.


Try using the search box at the top of each page to search the site if you still don’t find what you’re looking for. We have got you all covered.


We as a team have begun developing maths worksheets for class 1 which have maths questions year 1 for parents who unexpectedly find themselves at home with their children and require some last-minute activities.


To keep your child engaged and learning, each pack contains at least ten mixed year1 maths worksheets on a variety of subjects to clear maths concepts. They are designed so that your child can use them immediately for KS1 math activities. You can use and enjoy our extensive collection of math worksheets, activities, and resources with your students or children.


  •   Is your kid battling with Math and requiring help?
  •   Do you want to play with your child some fun math games that you can print out?
  •   Are you looking for resources that can assist your child in learning their math facts?
  •   Are you looking for free, carefully graded math worksheets for your homes chooling child?


At Star Worksheets Learn And Shine is a perfect platform where you can get past papers, worksheets after KSI from KS2 SATs to much more. We exist to provide support to you where you want to help your children grow but within a fun and interactive manner. Get the maximum support for your child’s better future by giving him/her a fun, healthy, safe and interactive learning.


We design learning time tables and weekly tests for your child in a customized manner. In this way, every aspect of your child’s time. By these past papers, each aspect of your child’s learning need is covered. Not only help related to syllabus is provided but also, the right set of information, community building of like-minded people, advice and many activities that help to bring confidence to your child in terms of grip on Maths, Science and English.


We make sense of elementary school wording, instructors’ assumptions, and how to utilize terminologies. We want to present a parent-friendly guidance for you and your child.


During KS1, children are introduced to the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Computing. Other subjects that are taught during this stage include Art and Design, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, and Physical Education.

Assessments are conducted during KS1 to monitor the progress of the children in the different subjects. The assessments are usually carried out at the end of Year 2, which is the final year of KS1, and they are used to inform the teacher’s judgment of the child’s level of attainment in the various subjects. Therefore, it is extremely important to get your child to have maximum and hands-on grip on maths KS1.

While working in groups as well as in class kids get the experience to be practical, to be able to solve complicated maths problems, play number games and much more.


No need to be concerned about the terminology used in maths and stress regarding making your child understand it. Have no idea where to start maths in year 1 from? Start year 1 maths from here, start with us in a very practical yet interactive and easy manner. Year KS1 maths curriculum is hands-on available with us.


If your child in not able to solve simple questions, we provide you with helpful math year 1 worksheets. Once familiarized with the language and terminologies, your child will not only be able and confident enough to share his/her result but will also be able to discuss their approach to solving problems.


Have no idea about the maths curriculum KS1? Not to worry. You do not have to be an expert when we present you with the math year 1 worksheets. Get your child maths concepts clear with access to full year 1 topics.


Provide ease to your child by providing him with year 1 addition and subtraction and up to date maths curriculum.


For your child year 1 maths we have:




  •       He will be able to do addition and subtraction
  •       He will learn about how to double and make halves.
  •       How to give, pay and change while using money.
  •       Be able to recognize the symbols and words related t mathematics.
  •       Learning about number bonds i.e. the pairs of numbers that add up and make 20.
  •       Learning about multiplication, division by the help of using objects to share and group

Place value and numbers

  •       Your child will be able to count
  •       He will be able to process numbers
  •       He will be able to count forward and backwards from 0-100 and 100-0 respectively.
  •       He could be able to read and write up to 100.
  •       You child will be able to count objects and estimate objects amounts.
  •       Your child will be able to read and write up to 20 in spellings
  •       Your child will be able to count in the tables of twos, fives and tens.
  •       He will be able to differentiate patterns in numbers, odd numbers and even numbers.
  •       He will be able to use the number line and putting numbers in the right order.


  •       Your child will be able to identify, name and describe common shapes such as in 2D and 3D.
  •       He will be able to learn from whole turns to three-quarter turns.
  •       He will be able to make pictures, patterns as well as models using different shapes.


  •       Your child will be able to measure the length, capacity and weight and also do their comparison
  •       will be able to measure the time to one our as well as half hour
  •       He will be able to put in order, the days, weeks, months and year.

More things to do at home

  •       Give your child valuable practice with respect to counting through board games such as ladders and snake. Also make your child more familiar with matching numbers and counting spots through Dominoes.
  •       Cooking involvement with kids is another way to help kids understand quantities estimate, check timer and weigh out ingredients.
  •       Learn about sorting things, beads, colors etc. at home.
  •       Make your kids count the number of signs on the road, houses, cars, and buses.


Browse through our available options under major headers such as maths ks1 curriculum, national curriculum maths year 1, maths year 1 objectives, year 1 math worksheet. We aim to build the future of your child with you.