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Shapes and Position

Reception Shapes Worksheets Age (4-5)

These Reception Shapes Worksheets are ready to provide more learning to early year`s maths lessons. We designed colorful display mats of 2D shapes and 3D shapes. We develop worksheets used to recognize 2D and 3D shapes which are in frameworks of early years National Curriculum.

We are hopeful to create the perfect learning resources to support your kid’s teaching of shapes during your home learning sessions. Before grabbing free reception shapes worksheets, here are some key questions to answers.

What is Shape?

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A shape is a form of an object. If we go in little more detail then the shape is an area that is closed by any boundaries. These boundaries can be any point, line, or curve. In the reception class, there is a focus on very basic shapes and their properties. These properties include their name and sides. There is a little introduction of 3D shapes in early year education. The list of shapes included in the reception curriculum is below.

What shapes should a Reception Know?

  • Triangle.
  • Square.
  • Rectangle.
  • Circle.
  • Cube
  • Cuboid
  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Pyramid

How do you teach 3D shapes to Reception?

It is a very common question among educators/parents to know in detail about teaching 3D shapes. There are many ideas and activities that can help support the understanding of 3D shapes for young learners. There are lots of everyday objects which are 3D in shapes e.e Balls, Tins, Cereal Box, Egyptian Pyramid. HootysHomeroom provides a very interesting activity of 3D shapes. Any educator can try it with a little learner for fun learning.

Vocabulary Of Shapes in Reception?

Our Reception Shapes Worksheets consider using this vocabulary to craft resources.

Properties of shape: shape, pattern, flat, round, hollow, solid, sort
make, build, draw, size

bigger, larger, smaller symmetrical
pattern, repeating pattern match

2-D shape corner, side
rectangle (including square) circle triangle

3-D shape face, edge, vertex, vertices
cube pyramid sphere cone

Reception Shapes Worksheets – Download Free.

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